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High Expectations In Marriage Are Toxic
« on: 07:10 PM, May 10, 2019. »

Marriage is one of the oldest arrangements put in place by the originator, the Almighty God.

Couples are not silly if they expect things from one another because marriage is all about helping to support each otherís endeavors, provide love and respect.

However, what seem to be toxic are high expectations. Some wives tend to have too many expectations in marriage; this may be extremely troublous.

Marriages, like most things we see in life, arenít perfect. We are all bound to make mistakes. And that is why most times, husbands fail to notice the needs of their wives. And by the same token, wives fail to recognize their husbandsí efforts.

Think of it: You may tell your husband to buy you a new car as your birthday gift. Yes, he has the intention to do that. But, what if he doesnít have such a huge amount of money to purchase that car for you? Does it mean he doesnít love you? No, you need to recognize his efforts. There may be other things the family needs at that point in time, and he is working to make sure he provides those most important things.

And as for husbands, sex is something normal. But, what if your wife is so tired after the dayís activities and she canít offer you what you need during the night? Does it mean she is looking outside? This is not true. You need to notice what she needs at that point in time, she needs more rest.

Truth be told, the lower you keep your expectations, the easier your marriage life will be.

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Re: High Expectations In Marriage Are Toxic
« Reply #1 on: 04:53 PM, Nov 09, 2019. »

Good write-up bro, keep it up