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How to share Furious Forum Sponsored posts and earn daily

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Shear Furious Forum's sponsored posts on Facebook once, for each sponsored post on your timeline, you will be credited with ₦50 for any confirmed shared post you make by Furious Bots.

Read Also :- How to withdraw your earned money.

When you click on the sponsored post link of the day,  do the following;

1. Before you share, comment a review on that Facebook, Instagram or Twitter post, whatever you want to write, whether bad or good along with a hashtag of your username, for example;

A. "Wow, this guy is good with his hands #john "
B. "this product will be bad on #john, not so buying"

Wonder why you do that? we will tell you after the instructions,

2. Then share!

3. This one is optional, It will be better to get notified immediately we publish a post for sharing so as not to get pass any opportunity. if you had rejected the pop-up that came when you visited us, about notifying you when you get paid, there is a bell icon down at the right side of your phone or laptop, click on it to subscribe to the notification and be the first to know if there will be a sponsored post to share.

Now, why the hashtag? and how am I going to get paid?

We have created an automated bot that pays you for sharing posts without the supervision of a human, wow right! yes it is real, it works like this; we are connected with Facebook and Twitter APIs that gives our bots access to our Facebook and Twitter pages, the bot goes there, scan for the first hashtag, then confirm if he/she shared the post and automatically goes back to furious forum APIs and search for the username and credit immediately if confirmed!

Note, you must comment before you share for it to work.

that how simple you are paid to share!

NB To access the sponsored post-board, scroll down to the end of the homepage ;)

John Ikechukwu
For FuriousBots!

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